Counterattack with Alexander Morozevich

Created Thursday 07 December 2017

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This publication is a tribute to the unique chess talent of Alexander Morozevich. It is a short collection of his selected games, with each game focusing on a tactical shot delivered by Alexander. To see the solution for the combination - go to the next page in your e-reader.

A few years ago, Alexander complained in an interview about being accused of being lucky. Supposedly he randomly stumbles upon tricky shots and wins this way. Of course, he explained, the difficult part is not finding those combinations, but forcing your opponents to get into positions where their pieces are loose, and non-standard tactics are possible. For that reason - entire games are given, if the reader is curious to understand better how Morozevich gets those favourable positions.

The book is also focused on counterattack, with our hero playing with the black pieces in all games, so you get to see some non-standard openings, such as the Chigorin defence and the Albin Counter gambit. The games are presented in chronological order, broken down by major phases of Morozevich's chess career.