Tactics 2013

Created Friday 01 December 2017


This publication is a collection of best combinations played by strong grandmasters in the year 2013. To see the solution for the combination - go to the next page in your e-reader. The book is the fifth in the "Practical Tactics" series, which aims to provide practical and solvable positions from real games. Other titles in the series are:
"Counterattack with Alexander Morozevich", "Play Like a Grandmaster - Tactics from Chess World Cup 2013", "World Championship Preview - Combinations by Anand and Carlsen", "Attack with Alexander Morozevich - Selected Games and Best Combinations".

Looking through the games played by the world's top grandmasters is very instructive because it gives an idea of how unforgiving are the best players to any blunders, and how precise they are at spotting the most accurate ways to winning a game. I wish that after studying their games - this precision translates into your own games. All the games included have both players rated at least 2500 ELO, which has another implication - even very strong players also make blunders and end up on the receiving end of these combinations - thus giving hope to improving and aspiring players to beat them. The combinations are organized by month with summary of major chess events of that month.